Tunisia: Association  HANEN An evening of discussion around breastfeeding

USA:  APPPAH (association de la psychologie et la santé prénatale et périnatale)  https://birthpsychology.com/

Armenia : First annual symposium of mother-baby wellbeing    https://momcenter.am/ 

Chile: ESCUELA RENACER Puerperium and breastfeeding Diploma … a new perspective.  https://www.escuelarenacerchile.com/ 

France: Grandir Nature Aparté

Spain : LactApp www.lactapp.e

France: DIU Soins Centres sur le nouveau-né et sa famille. Allaitement maternel & soins de dévelopement.  Université de Bretagne Occidentale

France : DU Marseille, octobre 2022

Germany : Europäisches Institut für Stillen und Laktation for IBCLC in Munich, novembre 2022

France :  SMAM 2022, JNA COFAM (Coordination française pour l’allaitement maternel) à Valence, Clinique du Val D’ouest à Lyon, Colloque allaitement École de Maïeutique de Marseille et Soirée Grand public Vanilla Milk à Marseille, journée d’allaitement à Toulon et conférence Mama Bella à Nice  https://cofam-allaitement.org/  

France : Journées de la périnatalité du CeFAP (Centre de Formation dédié à la Périnatalité) à Bordeaux avec Jack Newman https://www.cefap-france.fr/   

France : CALM Day Workshop, Paris

6-Day Zoom Workshops :   5  BN certifying workshops, 100 people now certified BN consultants!

3 zoom with Michel Odent who explains and discusses the stages of birth  preparation, the fact that colostrum is not a vital substance to the survival of the human species and the misunderstandings regarding the phases of transition from pregnancy to birth and breastfeeding.  


September 14, 2011 Biological Nurturing:  New Approaches to Old Practices

Seventh Annual Breastfeeding Conference

Organised by the Bronx Breastfeeding Coalition, Jacobi Hospital Conference and Training Centre.

September 2011 Canada. LLLC

September 26, 2011 – Hellenic Meeting and Conference Centre, Ottawa, Ontario – Seminar Brochure

September 28, 2011 – Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario – Seminar Brochure

September 30, 2011 – Brightwood Golf Club, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Seminar Brochure

October 19 to 22, 2011, Canberra, Australia

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. Details to follow.


July 8 and 9, Napa Valley Breastfeeding Coalition California USA. Seminar Brochure

February 28, 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark

Study day on biological nurturing, laid-back breastfeeding

Danish Association of Certified Lactation Consultants (DACLC) ‘Bryggen’, Islands Brygge 18, Copenhagen.

March 10 and 11, 2011 Appleton, Wisconsin USA

Biological Nurturing—the laid-back breastfeeding revolution Mother-baby behavioural states and professional breastfeeding assessment & Putting it all together, scenarios of difficult situations. WALC Breastfeeding Conference, brochure

March 25, 2011 Paris, France

L’Allaitement: comportements innees ou competence a acquerir Journee Internationale d’allaitement organisee par la Leche League France la Cité des Sciences, 75019 Paris metro: Porte de la Villette,programme-et-inscriptions

April 1, 2011 Oslo, Norway

Is Breastfeeding a learned skill? Metabolic Adaptation, Neonatal Hypoglycaemia and Biological Nurturing Breastfeeding Conference.

April 9, 2011 Repeat presentation in Denmark

May 1, 2011 Online. GOLD11 International breastfeeding conference on line. Metabolic Adaptation, Neonatal Hypoglycaemia and Biological Nurturing

May 5 and 6, 2011, Massachusetts, USA

16th Annual Breastfeeding Conference, Breastfeeding: Achieving Success from a Different Angle. Baystate Medical Centre, The Log Cabin, Holyoke Massachusetts, USA brochure.

Week of May 9-13, 2011, Canada

La Leche League Canada, Seminars in Ontario and Winnipeg, Canada dates to be confirmed.

2010  Featured speaker at following conferences

January 7, Biology Infancy and Mothering Conference University of Durham, England

February 20 – 24, Cultural Awareness Limburg University for Professional Education,  Hassselt Belgium 

March 6, First Nottingham Birth Conference, Nottingham, England

March 16, La Leche League, London, England

March 30, Lactation Consultants of Belgium, National Conference, Hasselt Belgium

May 12, Breastfeeding and Biological Nurturing Symposium Cardiff, Wales

May 15, The National Childbirth Trust, Annual Members Conference International Centre Telford, England.

June 17-18 University of Huddersfield Research Conference and one-day workshop, Huddersfield, England

July 2, 3rd Annual University of Worcester Birth Conference, Worcester, England

July 8, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, London, England

July 22-23 International Lactation Consultants Association Conference San Antonio, Texas USA  Plenary and concurrent sessions

July 29-30, 16th National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

October 5, 4th Conference of the Baby Friendly and Combined Breastfeeding Organisations,  Ede, The Netherlands

October 23, The European Lactation Consultant Association (VELB) Conference, Basel, Switzerland

October 26, 2nd International Womb to World Conference London, England


March 1-4, 2009. Health Care and Cultural Influence: The culture of midwifery practice in the UK Cultural Awareness Conference Limburg Catholic University for professional Education,  Hassselt Belgium

March 2, 2009 . Lactation consultants seminar, Limberg University Hassselt, Belgium

March 6, 2009. National Baby Friendly Initiative Conference BFHI (IHAN) organised by the Spanish Societies of Neonatal Nursing, Midwives, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics Murcia, Spain

March 17, 2009. Australian Breastfeeding Association Brisbane, Australia webinar on line presentation

March 22, 2009.  Association of Radical Midwives National Meeting Cambridge, UK

March 27, 2009. MAMA conference organized by Birth Choices Ayr, Scotland

April 17, 18 2009.  ‘Womb to World’ Seminars organized by The Nurturing Project London and Kent England

May 10, 2009. GOLD 09 Queensland Australia (on-line international conference)

May 12, 2009. Breastfeeding Awareness Week Conference Maidstone, Kent organized by West Kent PCT

May 14, 2009. Breastfeeding Awareness Week Conference Bournemouth Organised by The Breastfeeding Support Service, a part of the Bournemouth and Poole Community Health Services, hosted by NHS Bournemouth and Poole

USA Tour May 2009 organized by Ameda 1 day workshop at each site 28 May San Francisco 30 May Chicago 1 June  New York

USA Tour August, 2009 organised by Ameda 18 August-Boston MA 20 August-Dallas TX 24 August-Ventura CA (southern CA near Los Angeles) 26 August-Minneapolis MN

September 24, 2009. Jenny Smith’s Nurturing Childbirth Conference Imperial College London England

October 9-10, 2009. Associação Portuguesa dos Enfermeiros Obstetras Lisbon, Portugal Conference for Breastfeeding Awareness Week and one day workshop

October 16-17,2009. La Leche League of Great Britain National Conference Derby, England

October 27, 2009. Valerie Gommon’s Independent Midwifery Practice 1-day workshop, Milton Keynes England

November 4, 2009. University of Durham Research Presentation, Anthropology Department

November 12, 2009. Breastfeeding Network London Branch 1-day workshop Camden London

November 30, 2009. Nurturing Project Womb to World Seminars Holborn London UK


March 2-4, 2008. Cultural Awareness Conference Limburg Catholic University for professional Education, Hassselt Belgium General Session: Health Care and Cultural Influence

March 3, 2008. Lactation consultants seminar Hassselt, Belgium. Biological Nurturing

March 28, 2008 Lactation Consultants of GB Annual Conference Leeds

Masterclass in Biological Nurturing

April 8, 2008. Innovations and Progress in Healthcare for Women Conference Institute for Women’s Health, London. Abstract presentation: Optimal positions for the release of primitive neonatal reflexes stimulating breastfeeding

April 19,2008. Breastfeeding NCT Study Day, Norwich, Biological Nurturing

May 9, 2008, Breastfeeding Symposium, Wexham Park Hospital NHS Trust, Slough. Biological Nurturing

May 12, 2008 Department of Health/Royal College of Midwives Breastfeeding National Breastfeeding Awareness Week Conference: Making breastfeeding a normal part of daily life, London

Optimal positions for the release of primitive neonatal reflexes stimulating breastfeeding

May 18, 2008 GOLD08 Queensland Australia (on-line international conference). Biological Nurturing Releases Innate Breastfeeding Behaviours

May 31, 2008 Active Birth Centre, London. Biological Nurturing Workshop

June 1-5 2008 International Confederation of Midwives Conference Glasgow. Concurrent abstract presentation on June 5 ‘Global perspectives on Women’s Health, Ensuring a better life for Women, Newborn and Families’.Abstract Title: Is breastfeeding a learnt skill?

June 6, 2008 Edinburgh Scotland. Post ICM Conference: Full-day Biological Nurturing Workshop

Centre for Integrated Healthcare Research . Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

June 21 2008. Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Conference, London, UK. Biological Nurturing Plenary session

October 11, 2008. Biological Nurturing and Instinctual behaviours. Womb to World Conference organized by The Nurturing Project at Imperial College London (South Kensington)

October 24-26 2008 Midwifery Today Conference Bad Wildbad, Germany. Plenary presentations include: ‘Biological Nurturing, breastfeeding and self attachment’ and  ‘Don’t Wake the Baby’, followed by workshop Breastfeeding and neonatal behavioural state

November 26, 2008. Biological Nurturing and its implications for breastfeeding. UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Annual Conference 2008. Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

November 27, 2008. Post BFI conference: Biological Nurturing Workshop. Kilmarnock, Scotland

Conferences 2007

November 28, 2007. Medway Maritime Hospital. Initiating Breastfeeding … More than a problem solving approach

November 2, 2007. Little Angels conference Blackburn

October 31, 2007. First Public Lecture at Canterbury Christ Church University. New approaches to breastfeeding:  What other animals can teach mothers

October 10, 2007. Canterbury Sure Start Breastfeeding Conference. Key note speaker, Biological Nurturing a new approach to breastfeeding

October 3, 2007. National Breastfeeding Week, Tuscony, Italy. Key note speaker morning Introducing Biological Nurturing, PM Birth and Breastfeeding Workshop.

September 12-16 2007  Oslo Norway Midwifery Today Conference

Wed. September 12,2007   Workshop Metabolic Adaptation

Saturday September 15, 2007 Plenary Session Biological Nurturing, a new approach to breastfeeding  Sunday September 16, 2007 Round Table Maternal/Infant Assessment skills

July 11, 2007 Breastfeeding Conference at East Surrey Hospital (Redhill)

Invited plenary speaker: Biological Nurturing, a new approach to breastfeeding.

June 27, 2007 MAINN, Faculty of Health, University of Central Lancashire

Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood:  Bio-Cultural Perspectives

Invited concurrent abstract presentation: A new biological approach provides insights into breastfeeding support:

June 16, 2007 Association of Radical Midwives, Spring Meeting in Nottingham

Invited plenary speaker: Biological Nurturing, a new approach to breastfeeding

May 18, 2007, Liverpool La Leche League of Great Britain, Peer counsellor and enrichment study days.  Invited plenary speaker: Biological Nurturing and Self Attachment.

May 2, 2007 Dundee Royal College of Nursing, International Nursing Research Conference, Presentation of Inaurgural Akinsanya Award for Innovation in doctoral research. Invited research abstract presentation: Primitive neonatal reflexes, breastfeeding and biological nurturing.

Conferences 2006

4 November 2006 National Childbirth Trust Breastfeeding Counsellor’s Forum, Birmingham UK.

19 October 2006 Colloque sur l’allaitement maternel in Aix-en-Provence, France Title: Le maternage corporel: une approche neurocomportementale de l’allaitement.

13 October 2006 LLL National Conference, Derby UK conference report

Breastfeeding, Biological Nurturing and Metabolic Adaptation South Bank University Breastfeeding Conference December 2005

Nurturing the breastfeeding relationship, Suzanne Colson, guest speaker, SureStart Chatham, Award Ceremony for Breastfeeding Peer Supporters  Thursday 29 September 2005, Lecture Theatre, Postgraduate Centre Medway Maritime Hospital

Biological Nurturing, a new approach to breastfeeding, abstract presenter, International Confederation of Midwives, (ICM) Conference July 24-27 2005 Brisbane Australia Book of Conference Proceedings

Biological nurturing a new approach to breastfeeding Invited speaker Reason Conference 2005 University of Warwick, Coventry 27 June, 2005

Biological Nurturing a new approach to breastfeeding Invited speaker UCLH Conference to launch Breastfeeding Policy ,and afternoon workshop leader UCLH  London 12 May 2005

Biological Nurturing a new approach to breastfeeding Concurrent abstract conference presenter Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference 10 May 2005 Harrogate

Biological Nurturing Invited speaker, Breastfeeding Study Day  Meeting the breast feeding challenge Corby Northamptonshire NHS Conference Friday 29 April 2005

Biological Nurturing a new approach to breastfeeding Key note speaker October 23, 2005 La Leche League National Leaders Day Bristol

Conferences 2004

Neonatal Hypoglycaemia, More than Just a problem solving approach Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference 21 May 2004 Cardiff

Biological Nurturing Invited speaker National Network of Breastfeeding Co-ordinators Conference South East Conference 23 April, 2004 Regents College London

Conferences 2003

‘Le maternage corporel’, Hôpital Les Bluets, Paris (May 2003).

‘Metabolic Adaptation from Foetus to Neonate’, Midwifery Today, London June 26-29 2003 

Nurturing the breastfeeding relationship Invited speaker Midwifery conference Canterbury Christ Church University College Saturday 15 November 2003

‘L’adaptation metabolique du foetus au nouveau-ne’ and ‘Table Ronde – l’allaitement maternel’, Midwifery Today, Paris (November, 2003).

‘Cuddles, Biological Nurturing and Public Health’, Poster Presentation, East Kent Hospitals Nursing Conference, September 2003).

‘Biological Nurturing Increases Duration of Exclusive Breastfeeding’, Abstract Presentation Research and Development Department Multidisciplinary Research Sumposium 12 March 2003

‘Biological Nurturing Increases Duration of Exclusive Breastfeeding’, Royal College of Nursing Research Society Annual International Nursing Research Conference (2003).