BN Certifying Workshop – Instinctual Breastfeeding 

Biological Nurturing workshop is aimed at all people interested in breastfeeding: lactation consultants, doulas, midwives, nurses, childcare workers, speech therapists, osteopaths, mothers, psychologists, chiropractors, doctors, paediatricians, naturopaths and perinatal support worker among others. 


The workshop is taught over a period of 6 days, usually 3 x 2 day segments. Your presence during each of the 6 days is essential. 

Schedule : 9h00 – 16h00 ; lunch break 13h00-14h00 and 1 morning coffee break 

Cost : £ 1250  


– Own and have read the latest edition of Suzanne Colson’s book “Biological Nurturing – Instinctive Breastfeeding” (publication october 2019 or in French publication march 2021) 

– Own and have viewed the laid back breastfeeding DVD which is available on the website

Trainers: Suzanne Colson and Joelle Colson conduct the training. The BN workshop is a real paradigm shift. Thus, we take small groups between 12 and 20 people.   The more intimate group discussions and sharing of experiences allow for a better understanding of how the BN components interact to help mothers and babies get started with breastfeeding. Participants receive a certificate of attendance with 42 IBCLC L-CERPS (if needed) and a google drive link is sent to access all teaching materials in PDF, pertinent research articles and other useful resources shared during the workshop.   

Certification: Certification as a BN coach can be achieved by passing an optional, open-book exam consisting of 35 questions. The exam is a combination of multiple choice questions, lists and descriptions and short essay-style responses.  The deadline for completion is agreed with each group and is within 3 months of the end of the workshop. A score above 90% makes you eligible for certification.