A Fresh Look at Skin to Skin, Netherlands

19 Nov 2015. InZwang - Bevallen presentation. More details (pdf)

Lain Back Breastfeeding Masterclass, Netherlands

20 Nov 2015.  More details (pdf).

Dear Friends of Biological Nurturing

Many of you requested repeated access to our first webinar series. The Foundations of Biological Nurturing.  We appreciate your comments. In this series, Advanced Biological Nurtuirng: Womb to World, for your convenience, if you miss the live sessions, you can view the live presentation from a secure website for as many times as you want for 2 weeks afterwards. More details


New Article

See Suzanne's article from USLCA "What Happens to Breastfeeding when mothers lie back". See article

Suzanne's New book

An introduction to Biological Nurturing - New Angles on Breastfeeding. More details



Biological Nurturing workshop training for health professionals is a new service offered by The Nurturing Project. More details.



Suzanne has produced a DVD that explains the mechanisms of biological nurturing and introduces baby reflex cues and some mother-led strategies. More details

Dear Suzanne,

I work as infant feeding advisor at Brighton. I heard your presentation in London at the Royal College and I was left feeling totally inspired and overjoyed to find that my doubts regarding some aspects of breastfeeding advice and communication are being highlighted and assessed. I had started to feel that my obsession with the precious Oxytocin needed more support... needless to say your name has been used in subsequent training sessions for staff and during my antenatal sessions.

THANK YOU. Prior to training as a midwife I had been a teacher with a passion for effective and embedded communication/knowledge. This has been invaluable for my breastfeeding sessions. I had started to concentrate more and more on sharing the joys of hormones particularly Oxytocin with the parents and spending less time on positions for feeding. My motto being "it isn't rocket science" I attended the recent Breastfeeding co-ordinators day during which you again inspired many of us. I am conducting an audit of the women who have attended my sessions and am finding to my joy that these women are so relaxed and aware of oxytocin and less obsessed with rigid feeding rules that they are automatically nurturing the babes. I have stripped the advice down for staff too. Emphasising that holding cuddling and loving should be our buzz words.

For breastfeeding awareness week I launched my CAKE AND CUDDLES tea parties. These sessions are for both ante and postnatal women... emphasis on sharing and smiling. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING A BEACON OF INSPIRATION.


Ella Jackson, Infant Feeding Advisor Brighton