A Fresh Look at Skin to Skin, Netherlands

19 Nov 2015. InZwang - Bevallen presentation. More details (pdf)

Lain Back Breastfeeding Masterclass, Netherlands

20 Nov 2015.  More details (pdf).

Dear Friends of Biological Nurturing

Many of you requested repeated access to our first webinar series. The Foundations of Biological Nurturing.  We appreciate your comments. In this series, Advanced Biological Nurtuirng: Womb to World, for your convenience, if you miss the live sessions, you can view the live presentation from a secure website for as many times as you want for 2 weeks afterwards. More details


New Article

See Suzanne's article from USLCA "What Happens to Breastfeeding when mothers lie back". See article

Suzanne's New book

An introduction to Biological Nurturing - New Angles on Breastfeeding. More details



Biological Nurturing workshop training for health professionals is a new service offered by The Nurturing Project. More details.



Suzanne has produced a DVD that explains the mechanisms of biological nurturing and introduces baby reflex cues and some mother-led strategies. More details

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The Biological Nurturing Laid Back Breastfeeding for Mothers is sold through Geddes.


Biological Nurturing in Dutch is available from



An Introduction to Biological Nurturing - New Angles on Breastfeeding -002

Image of Suzaane Colson's book

Groundbreaking, paradigm-changing NEW book by Suzanne Colson. Recommended reading for all people interested in lactation.

£14.99 + £5.00 UK p&p



Biological Nurturing ~ laid back Breastfeeding DVD -001

image of DVD

Single User Licence 
The price includes copyright clearance for personal information, libraries and all teaching including students, colleagues in hospital and community, continuing professional development and parent education.

Multi-User Licence is available. Please contact Joelle for further information.

New LOWER price


£45.00 + £4.00 p&p

DVD - Of Love and Milk -010

Of Love and Milk tells the story of a mother who tried BN. It shows how a simple change in position from upright to leaning back can make a difference to a mother's experience of breastfeeding  

£15.00 + £4.00 p&p


DVD Biological Nurturing Laid back Breastfeeding for Mothers

laid back breastfeeding DVD

A visual journey of mothers and babies doing biological nurturing in the hospital, at home and outside.

Written by Suzanne Colson, Kittie Franz & Nancy Mohrbacker.

This DVD is sold through Geddes Productions. Click on the link to open the page in a new window.

A5 Mother~Baby Experiences of Nurturing Booklets -003

nurturing booklet small

A non-prescriptive booklet written for mothers. First published in 2001, over 12,000 copies of the booklet have been sold and distributed worldwide.

Note - booklet is available for purchase in USA, email Joelle for details.

SORRY - OUT OF STOCK - Please email Joelle and we'll let you know when they are again available

A4 pack of 50 tear off sheets - The Nurturing Recipe -004

nurturing recipe


The Nurturing Recipe illustrates Biological Nurturing positions and has been published in TPM as part of "a non-prescriptive recipe for breastfeeding". Each pack contains 50 double-sided A4 sheets.

Quantity / Location

A4 pack of 50 tear off sheets - What is Biological Nurturing -005

what is biological nurturing

These double sided information sheets describe biological nurturing in words and pictures emphasising the importance of holding a sleeping baby and recognising feeding cues. Tear offs come in packs of 50 sheets.


A4 pack of 50 tear off sheets - Biological Nurturing versus Skin 2 Skin -009

BN versus S2S - Click for larger.

These double sided information sheets describe the differences between biological nurturing and skin to skin with pictures. Tear offs come in packs of 50 sheets. Click on image to left for example.


Quantity / Location

A3 poster - The State of the Art -006

state of the art biological nurturing

This poster illustrates the different baby states classified according to facial and body movement.  The pictures and information challenge the well known myth that a sleeping baby will not feed.

£8.00 incl UK p&p


A3 poster - The Nurturing Recipe -007

nurturing recipe

A3 poster version of The Nurturing Recipe illustrates clearly Biological Nurturing positions.

£8.00 incl UK p&p


Kerstin UVNAS MOBERG - The Oxytocin Factor - 008

Kerstin book

Kerstin Uvnas Moberg - the Oxytocin Factor

Tapping the hormones of CALM, LOVE and HEALING




£21.00 incl UK p&p



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