Suzanne will be the keynote speaker at the ALCI annual conference September 29th. More details. Earlybird booking rates available from ALCI website.


New Article

See Suzanne's article from USLCA "What Happens to Breastfeeding when mothers lie back". See article

Webinar dates for you diary

Suzanne will be giving a series of 2 hourly live webinar presentations in collaboration with United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA).

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DVD Price Reduced

Thank you for all your continued support over the years to disseminate the Biological Nurturing research. We are pleased to announce that we have recouped our initial production costs on the professional BN DVD. The price is now down to £45! More details

Suzanne's New book

An introduction to Biological Nurturing - New Angles on Breastfeeding. More details



Biological Nurturing workshop training for health professionals is a new service offered by The Nurturing Project. More details.



Suzanne has produced a DVD that explains the mechanisms of biological nurturing and introduces baby reflex cues and some mother-led strategies. More details

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