A Fresh Look at Skin to Skin, Netherlands

19 Nov 2015. InZwang - Bevallen presentation. More details (pdf)

Lain Back Breastfeeding Masterclass, Netherlands

20 Nov 2015.  More details (pdf).

Dear Friends of Biological Nurturing

Many of you requested repeated access to our first webinar series. The Foundations of Biological Nurturing.  We appreciate your comments. In this series, Advanced Biological Nurtuirng: Womb to World, for your convenience, if you miss the live sessions, you can view the live presentation from a secure website for as many times as you want for 2 weeks afterwards. More details


New Article

See Suzanne's article from USLCA "What Happens to Breastfeeding when mothers lie back". See article

Suzanne's New book

An introduction to Biological Nurturing - New Angles on Breastfeeding. More details



Biological Nurturing workshop training for health professionals is a new service offered by The Nurturing Project. More details.



Suzanne has produced a DVD that explains the mechanisms of biological nurturing and introduces baby reflex cues and some mother-led strategies. More details

Laid Back Breastfeeding - Suzanne Colson

What some people have said...
"I invited our Breastfeeding sister round and we watched it together. The laid-back breastfeeding technique is working well in delivery suite for the women who have given it a go, I find it very useful after LSCS."

"The new biological nurturing DVD would be a very useful resource for peer supporters".

Content: The "Biological Nurturing - Laid Back Breastfeeding" DVD  uses unique and compelling video clips from the 54 mother-baby pairs studied to show the versatility of mother/baby breastfeeding positions whose interactions release innate behaviours stimulating latch and sustaining milk transfer. The laid back positions are contrasted with the taught upright positions especially in those mothers where the baby reflex cues hindered latch.  There are 2 menus: the principle programme explains the mechanisms of biological nurturing and the second menu introduces baby reflex cues and some mother-led strategies to use when any difficulties are encountered.

Running time: approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: £45.00 + £4.00 p&p for a single user license  The price includes copyright clearance for personal information, libraries and all teaching including students, colleagues in hospital and community, continuing professional development and parent education.
A multi-user license is available for NHS/Primary Care Trusts, libraries and universities on collective computer software such as intranet or Blackboard type software. Please contact Joelle for further information.

Availability: The DVD(s) is dispatched upon payment received either via paypal, direct bank transfer, cheque or money order in pound sterling.  For more details please see our resources shop page;  bulk order discounts available on request.