A Fresh Look at Skin to Skin, Netherlands

19 Nov 2015. InZwang - Bevallen presentation. More details (pdf)

Lain Back Breastfeeding Masterclass, Netherlands

20 Nov 2015.  More details (pdf).

Dear Friends of Biological Nurturing

Many of you requested repeated access to our first webinar series. The Foundations of Biological Nurturing.  We appreciate your comments. In this series, Advanced Biological Nurtuirng: Womb to World, for your convenience, if you miss the live sessions, you can view the live presentation from a secure website for as many times as you want for 2 weeks afterwards. More details


New Article

See Suzanne's article from USLCA "What Happens to Breastfeeding when mothers lie back". See article

Suzanne's New book

An introduction to Biological Nurturing - New Angles on Breastfeeding. More details



Biological Nurturing workshop training for health professionals is a new service offered by The Nurturing Project. More details.



Suzanne has produced a DVD that explains the mechanisms of biological nurturing and introduces baby reflex cues and some mother-led strategies. More details

Become a Biological Nurturing® Lactation Consultant (BNCLC)


There are normally four phases to the certification process although if you have not taken a maternal/neonatal clinical assessment module during your professional training, you will need to complete the adjunct Biological Nurturing ® Module. (under development).

Phase 1: Demonstrate you meet the prerequisites

This phase enables you to increase your understanding of BN & how its components interrelate & interact to support breastfeeding. View the Prerequisites

Phase 2: Do the Pre-Certification Workshop Task

Pre-workshop task: Discuss your beliefs concerning the biological nurturing ® philosophy.

This phase demonstrates your eligibility for certification.  As a BNCLC you are an ambassador for mother knowledge and this task is a platform for you to discuss your under- standing of the BN philosophy. You correspond via email writing brief comments with your thoughts & practice experience. Successful completion ensures that you share our values and beliefs.

Phase 3: Take the 5-day Biological Nurturing® Certification Workshop. 

This phase ensures that you understand the theory that underpins BN. During the workshop, you will explain and apply the theoretical concepts in small professional groups. Each participant receives a certificate of attendance.

Phase 4: Do the Post-Certification Workshop Task

Post Workshop task: Discuss 3 BN case studies.
Having completed the certification workshop, each participant communicates with Suzanne or Joelle to discuss 3 BN case studies.  This phase helps you integrate BN within your practice addressing gaps between theory and practice.

Upon successful completion of Phase 4, you receive your BNCLC first level certification and sign a licensure contract. For further information; view Scope of BN Practice.

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Certification requirements, procedures and costs are under development. The Nurturing Project reserves the right to modify them at any time.