Following first level certification as a BNCLC, you sign a renewable one-year licensure contract where you agree to:

  • Use approved biological nurturing materials with mothers, in your classes and in conference presentations or other events.
  • Use the words Biological Nurturing® to announce and label events, educational classes and/or consultations for parents
  • Use the BN logo and registered trademark on your written materials for local distribution or during one-off conference presentations for health professionals in your workplace, practice area and/or country to introduce BN to colleagues
  • Refer interested breastfeeding support providers to the BN Master classes available on the biological nurturing website for individual or licensure purchase
    Please Note: first level certification does not enable you to design a day-long BN Master class or to lead the 5-day workshop required for first level certification.You also agree:
  • Not to combine Biological Nurturing Laid-back Breastfeeding promotion with any religious belief system, or other theories, practices, or techniques (unless prior agreement with Joelle Dufur or Suzanne Colson)
  • To be committed to encouraging people of all races, religions, and backgrounds to breastfeed exclusively.
  • Other benefits of first level certification include:
  • Listing on the Biological Nurturing website, Facebook page and quarterly BN newsletter
  • Access to a closed monthly web chat reserved for BNCLCs, a network of ‘new age’ health professionals examining the innate components of breastfeeding

© The Nurturing Project JD/SC Revised 5/1/2016

Certification requirements, procedures and costs are under development; The Nurturing Project reserves the right to modify them at any time.