The quest for the ‘correct ’ latch has preoccupied lactation professionals for over 3 decades yet breast fighting, nipple pain, sleepy babies refusing to latch or suck and maternal exhaustion continue to prompt many mothers to introduce bottle feeds during the first weeks.  Suzanne Colson is a midwife whose doctoral research introduces a new approach to breastfeeding initiation. Her ‘live’ presentations projecting compelling video data have challenged traditional breastfeeding management practices across the world.  Suzanne says: “There isn’t one ‘correct’ latch.  Good breast attachment may be superficial or deep.  The “correct” latch is the one that works for both mother and baby!

Is this breastfeeding heresy or is it a return to the physiological basics of our ancient knowledge?  We invite you to attend this ground-breaking series of six days of workshop that offer a fresh perspective.  We will examine the research evidence supporting you to introduce what Suzanne Colson calls Biological Nurturing- Instinctual breastfeeding into your practice.

There are normally three phases to the certification process

Phase 1: Demonstrate you meet the prerequisites

Before attending a workshop it is essential that you are familiar with the BN approach and the BN philosophy. We encourage you to read through our BN philosophy statements and see the list of publications. This phase enables you to increase your understanding of BN & how its components interrelate & interact to support breastfeeding. View the Prerequisites

Phase 2: Take the 6-day Biological Nurturing® Certification Workshop. 

This phase ensures that you understand the theory that underpins BN and how the components interact and interrelate to release instinctual behaviours. During the workshop, you will explain and apply the theoretical concepts in small groups. Ample time is provided for questions and discussions while at the same time following the course outline. The workshop uses a blended approach to teaching with lots of group work and focused presentations. Upon completion of the 6 days, participants each receive a certificate of attendance.

Phase 3: Do the Post-Certification Workshop Task

Post Workshop Certification Exam
Having completed the 6-day workshop, participants are invited to complete a certification open-book exam that consists of 35 questions. There are no trick questions and the exam is firstly an opportunity to evaluate the information you have understood and retained from the workshop and to self-correct by. researching the information in the PDFs, the book and the DVD. The test is a combination of definitions, essay-style questions, lists and descriptions. It is designed to help integrate new BN vocabulary and to bridge gaps between theory and practice. This open book exam must be returned within 3 months of the completion of the workshop (a date usually agreed with the whole group). To be eligible for BN certification you must achieve a score >90%

Upon successful completion of the exam, you receive your Certified BN C first level certification and sign a licensure contract. For further information; view Scope of BN Practice.

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Certification requirements, procedures and costs are under development. The Nurturing Project reserves the right to modify them at any time.