Certified Biological Nurturing® Consultant Prerequisites

You do not need to have breastfed, be a parent or be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to qualify for BN certification but there are important prerequisites before securing your place on a 6-day BN certification workshop, you need to:

Own and have read the latest English edition of the book Biological Nurturing- Instinctual breastfeeding published in 2019

View the DVD Biological Nurturing ~ Laid-back Breastfeeding for Health professionals produced in 2008

It is helpful to have practical and professional experience supporting mothers but not essential. Many people who take the certification workshop are health professionals with a keen interest in developing breastfeeding evidence-based practice and further understand how the BN components interact to neutralise neocortical inhibitions and give way to instinctual behaviours.

*You may attend BN master classes to broaden the foundation of your lactation practice without expressing interest to become a certified BN consultant.

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